Weizhe (Wesley) Chen 陈伟哲

Welcome to my homepage! I am a Ph.D. student (expected to graduate in 2023) at Indiana University - Bloomington, co-advised by Lantao Liu (Vehicle Autonomy and Intelligence Lab) and Roni Khardon. I am working with Diego Romeres at MERL this summer.

The learning process of humans and animals involves active information gathering for building a better mental model that matches the external reality. I hope that our robot friends can be endowed with the same capability. To this end, my research revolves around Multi-Objective Decision Making, Monte Carlo Tree Search, Gaussian Processes, and their robotic applications in Information-Driven Planning and Control.

I would very much like to chat with you if you will! I believe that communication and collaboration facilitate creativity, critical thinking, and responsible research.
Email: chenweiz[AT]iu.edu
WeChat: wchen_robotics

My name consists of two Chinese characters — Wei(伟) Zhe(哲) — which means “great philosophy” and pronounces like “wait german”. I also go by Wesley to make it easier :-)