Weizhe (Wesley) Chen 陈伟哲

Welcome to my homepage! I am a Ph.D. student (expected to graduate in 2023) at Indiana University - Bloomington, co-advised by Lantao Liu (Vehicle Autonomy and Intelligence Lab) and Roni Khardon. I am working with Diego Romeres at MERL this summer.

This is my fluffy friend – Caramel – playing around with the Crazyflie drone 😂. She listens attentively, touching, sniffing, and changing the angle of view to know more about the drone. The learning process of humans and animals involves active information gathering for building a better mental model that matches the external reality.

Can robots exhibit exploratory behavior? Motivated by this question, I develop uncertainty-aware machine learning methods and information-driven planning and control algorithms that help the intelligent robots make informed decisions by actively gathering information in unknown, unstructured, or dynamic environments. In general, my research interests lie in the intersection of Robot Learning and Decision Making under Uncertainty.

I believe that communication and collaboration facilitate creativity, critical thinking, and responsible research. Please do not hesitate to contact me!
Email: chenweiz[AT]iu.edu

My name consists of two Chinese characters — Wei(伟) Zhe(哲) — which means “great philosophy” and pronounces like “wager”. I also go by Wesley to make it easier 😜