About Me

2022 Summer Internship: Looking for robotics and machine learning internship.

The past decades have witnessed the extraordinary success of learning/perception and planning. My research interests focus on integrating learning and planning to enhance the robustness and adaptivity of robots in the wild. Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. at Indiana University - Bloomington, co-advised by Lantao Liu (Vehicle Autonomy and Intelligence Lab) and Roni Khardon, developing planning algorithms that can take perception uncertainty into account and learning algorithms that provide better uncertainty quantification to the planners.

My first name consists of two Chinese characters — Wei(伟) Zhe(哲) — which means “great philosophy” and pronounces like wai(t) ger(man). I also go by Wesley to make it easier :-)


  • [Dec 2021] Our work is posted on Amazon Science
  • [Nov 2021] Field experiment on a quarry lake
  • [Nov 2021] Shared ROS driver of BlueRobotics single-beam sonar.
  • [Sep 2021] Paper submitted to ICRA 2022.
  • [Aug 2021] Field experiment on the Monroe Lake
  • [Mar 2021] Tested USV on the University Lake.
  • [Dec 2019] Tested unmanned surface vessel (USV) in the IU swimming pool
  • [Sep 2019] Paper accepted by CDC 2019.
  • [Jun 2019] Paper accepted by RSS 2019.